First Look : Batman by Spin Master Toys

I picked up this new Armored Batman and Clayface set up from Amazon. This was the only set listed at the time.

It’s Batman
Articulation is okay. Would have really liked to see ankle articulation for a Ninja.
Ball Neck
Swivel/Pin shoulders
Swivel/Pin elbows
T bar/ball hips
Swivel thigh
Swivel/Pin knees
Batmans L->R
Dark Knight
Size – Fortnite & Marauder Task Force
Size – Modern GI Joe & Boss Fight VHACK
Marvel Universe & Marvel Movie Lines
Clayface. Very limited articulation.
Swivel/Pin shoulders
Swivel neck
Swivel waist
Clayface size. He is a bit small.
Ball joint for the head.
Head on a Fortnite figure.

Slomo : Droid of the Day – 1/2/2020

Slomo from the Space Precinct line made by Vivid Imaginations in 1994.

You can find one pretty easily from eBay. Which is where I obtained mine.

1:18 Action Figure Archive Space Precinct Slo Mo Checklist
1:18 Action Figure Archive Space Precinct Slo Mo Checklist
1:18 Action Figure Archive Space Precinct Slo Mo Checklist
1:18 Action Figure Archive Space Precinct Slo Mo Checklist
Other side
1:18 Action Figure Archive Space Precinct Slo Mo Checklist
Size & scale compared to a Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACKS Blank figure.

Review : Bounty Hunter – Hardcore Coldplay by Joy Toy

Character summary:

I’m not sure if this character has a backstory to him or not since he is made by a Chinese company and most of the information about him is in Chinese, which I cannot read. He does however have a striking resemblance to one of the characters from “Borderlands” which is the main reason I purchased this particular figure.


The Bounty Hunter’s sculpt represents a human wearing pants pretty good. He does come with 3 heads and they are all really well sculpted.


The figure is mostly colored plastic with a bit of weathering to enhance the details and make it look a little more realistic. He does come with a very intricate tattoo on his left arm.


This little figure has tons of articulation.

  • Ball joint neck
  • Barbel lower neck
  • Double swivel pin shoulders
  • Double swivel pin elbows
  • Swivel pin wrists
  • Barbel upper torso
  • T-ball hips that connect to the torso and sits in the crotch
  • Swivel cut thighs
  • Double swivel double pin knees
  • Swivel “rocker” ankles
  • Hinged toes


The Bounty Hunter comes with 3 heads. One with no helmet, one with a baseball style hat and headset, and one that is a full helmet. He also comes with a set of removable armor and leg holsters.

Size and Scale:

The Bounty Hunter scales perfectly with modern day 1:18 scaled figures.

Final thoughts:

Joy Toy figures are pretty expensive and they focus mostly on modern military figures witch isn’t really my thing. I took a chance on this figure because he looked so much like the Borderlands character which I needed as part of my Fortnite crossover collection. I will probably paint his helmet a bit to match the Borderlands character a bit more and will leave him with his armor off.

I bought my figure from BigBadToyStore

Claptrap is a mini Vinyl figure made by The Coop. I got this one from Amazon for about $8