Fortnite Action Figure Guide



Wave 2 – Summer 2019
Wave 3 – Fall 2019
Wave 3.5 – Winter 2019
Wave 4 – Spring 2020
Wave 5 – Summer 2020

Deluxe single card

The deluxe figures include Early Game Survival Kits, Hot Drops, and Transforming Drfitboards. There is also an assortment Each deluxe figure comes with 1 figure and multiple accessories and/or building materials.

Squad mode

Multi figure set that comes with 4 Figures, 4 Harvest tools, 4 Building materials, and 4 Weapons

Wave 1
Wave 2
Wave 2.5 – UK release
Wave 3 – Future Squad
Wave 4- High Stakes Wild Cards
Wave 5 – Summer 2020

Piñatas & Vending Machines

Loot Piñata’s come with 1 Figure, 2 Sprays, 4 Back Blings, 4 Harvest Tools, and a bunch of Weapons. The Jumbo Piñata comes with 2 Figures and 100 total items and accessories. The Summer of 2020 transitioned from Piñatas to vending machines.

Loot Piñatas & Vending machines
Jumbo Piñata – Summer 2019
Jumbo Vending Machine – Summer 2020

Special sets

Special sets are sets that feature a general theme. So far they have been Target exclusives.

Halloween Collector Set – Summer 2019
Gingerbread Set – Winter 2019
Chapter 1 Battle Royale – Summer 2020
Target exclusive 5 pack – Summer 2020

Building Sets

Building sets feature figures with a lot of building pieces.

Turbo Builder Set 1
1 x 1 Builder Set
Turbo Builder Rabbit Raider & Vertex Set
Late Game Survival Kit
Turbo Builder Ragnarok & Jonesy Set 3 – UK Release
Expedition Outpost
Turbo Builder Fable & Dire set – Summer 2020


These sets come with a figure and vehicle of some type.

Remote Control ATK
Cloudstrike Glider Drone
Remote control ATK with Copper Wasp
Remote control Baller with Hybrid stage 2
Battle Bus with Season 2 Jonesy

Rumors & Unknown release types

These are figures that have not been slotted for a certain type of release but the figure is rumored or confirmed.

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