Fortnite Action Figure Guide

Fortnite action figures are made by Jazwares. This line was first released in Winter 2018. This guide was last updated August 10 2020.

Solo Mode

Single carded figures that come with 1 Harvest tool and 1 Building material.

Wave 1 – Winter 2018
Wave 2 – Summer 2019
Wave 3 – Fall 2019
Wave 3.5 – Winter 2019
Wave 4 – Spring 2020
Wave 5 – Summer 2020

Deluxe single card

The deluxe figures include Early Game Survival Kits, Hot Drops, and Transforming Drfitboards. There is also an assortment Each deluxe figure comes with 1 figure and multiple accessories and/or building materials.

Squad mode

Multi figure set that comes with 4 Figures, 4 Harvest tools, 4 Building materials, and 4 Weapons

Wave 1
Wave 2
Wave 2.5 – UK release
Wave 3 – Future Squad
Wave 4- High Stakes Wild Cards
Wave 5 – Summer 2020

Piñatas & Vending Machines

Loot Piñata’s come with 1 Figure, 2 Sprays, 4 Back Blings, 4 Harvest Tools, and a bunch of Weapons. The Jumbo Piñata comes with 2 Figures and 100 total items and accessories. The Summer of 2020 transitioned from Piñatas to vending machines.

Loot Piñatas & Vending machines
Jumbo Piñata – Summer 2019
Jumbo Vending Machine – Summer 2020

Special sets

Special sets are sets that feature a general theme. So far they have been Target exclusives.

Halloween Collector Set – Summer 2019
Gingerbread Set – Winter 2019
Chapter 1 Battle Royale – Summer 2020
Target exclusive 5 pack – Summer 2020

Building Sets

Building sets feature figures with a lot of building pieces.

Turbo Builder Set 1
1 x 1 Builder Set
Turbo Builder Rabbit Raider & Vertex Set
Late Game Survival Kit
Turbo Builder Ragnarok & Jonesy Set 3 – UK Release
Expedition Outpost
Turbo Builder Fable & Dire set – Summer 2020


These sets come with a figure and vehicle of some type.

Remote Control ATK
Cloudstrike Glider Drone
Remote control ATK with Copper Wasp
Remote control Baller with Hybrid stage 2
Battle Bus with Season 2 Jonesy

Rumors & Unknown release types

These are figures that have not been slotted for a certain type of release but the figure is rumored or confirmed.

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