Junkbots by Hexbug : Visual Checklist

Junkbots were released in 2020 by Hexbug as blind box figures that came in small (1 bot), medium (2 bots), or large (4 bots) garbage bin containers.

There are 36 characters in total so far.
They are available to purchase from Amazon or locally at Target. I also have some unboxed available from my E-Bay store.

Batman the Masked Crusader by Spin Master visual guide

Beginning January 1st 2020 Spin Master launched their new 4 inch Batman the Masked Crusader action figure line. Each figure has approximately 11 points of articulation. This guide was lasted update on August 12 2020.

Single carded standard figures

Wave 1 – Q1 2020
Wave 2 – Q2 2020
Wave 3 – Q3 2020
  • Bronze Tiger
  • Talon
  • Robin w/hood
  • Firefly

Exclusive and chase single carded figures

Chase Gold figures
Chase metallic figures
Target exclusives
Walmart exclusives

Deluxe figures


Batman vs Clayface
Swamp Showdown
The Joker vs Batman