Niō KongoRikishi : Kanzenchōaku! Messeyo! by Toys Spirits

Niō are the wrathful guardians in Buddhism. Guhyapāda or Kongo is usually portrayed with an open mouth representing the birth of all things. Nārāyaṇa or Rikishi is usually portrayed with a closed mouth representing the death of all things

Kanzenchōaku! Messeyo!
Poetic justice! Destroy!
This line of figures is made by the Japanese company Toys Spirits, who make a large number of capsule type toys. Both Guhyapāda/Kongo and Nārāyaṇa/Rikishi come in Tan, White, and a dark Blue/Green version.

Nārāyaṇa/Rikishi and Guhyapāda/Kongo

118 action figure archive toysspirits poetic justice destroy Kanzenchōaku Messeyo nio Guhyapāda review guide checklist
Close up Nārāyaṇa/Rikishi and Guhyapāda/Kongo

Available colors

118 action figure archive toysspirits poetic justice destroy Kanzenchōaku Messeyo nio narayana review guide checklist
Articulation engineering breakdown
118 action figure archive toysspirits poetic justice destroy Kanzenchōaku Messeyo nio Guhyapāda review guide checklist
Size and Scale comparison with a Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACKS blank
118 action figure archive toysspirits poetic justice destroy Kanzenchōaku Messeyo nio Guhyapāda review guide checklist
Size and scale comparison to other 1:18 figures

Kharn : Final Faction by Dollar Tree

The Kharn are alien creatures that were discovered on the moon after an asteroid collided with it. The Kharn come in three different classes. The Brute class is know for their power and destruction. The Drone class are used for basic labor and combat. The Synthoid class is able to transform.

The Kharn were released in an exclusive line made for the Dollar Tree Stores in 2020. There were 3 figures and 2 accessory sets made for the first wave.

Check the Archive for more figures:
118 action figure archive dollar tree final faction kharn synthoid review guide checklist
Kharn Brute
118 action figure archive dollar tree final faction kharn brute review guide
Kharn Drone
118 action figure archive dollar tree final faction kharn drone review guide checklist
Scale comparison with a Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACK blank
Additional accessory packs equiped

Marauder – Doom Eternal by McFarlane Toys

The Marauder is a 7″ figures for the Doom Eternal line made in 2020.

Since I am a 1:18 scale collector I will be using this figure as a giant demon in my Fantasy Realm.

I ordered my figure from Amazon, but it can be found at Game Stop, BBTS, or Entertainment Earth, among others.

He comes with an translucent red axe with what appear to be runes. Kind of like the Rosetta Stone.

He scales as a large giant in a 1:18 world. Here he is next to a 1:18 Boss Fight Studio VHACK Blank to show size.

I also removed the double headed skull from the axe to be used as a helmet for a future custom knight.

Riot Trooper Test Shot from Eagle Force by Fresh Monkey Fiction

With the upcoming Space Force Kickstarter campaign I decided to get a Test Shot figure of the Eagle Force Riot Trooper figure since it is pretty much the same base figure.

There are still some available HERE if you are interested in getting one for yourself.

The Space Force Kickstarter campaign can be found HERE.

As far as the base figure goes it is a pretty standard figure to be used as a base figure that can have armor easily added.


Articulation is always on everyone’s mind when looking at a new figure for the first time. I have mapped out the articulation setup to give a good idea of what to expect.


Size and scale are also important factors. I added some images with some common modern figures to give a better idea of how these particular figures will scale with other 1:18 figures.

Size & Scale compared to my control figure I always use. It is a mix of the Boss Fight Studio VHACK Knight Blank and a regular Male Blank.
VHACK: Marauder Gaming Figure: Eagle Force : Fortnite Mission Specialist : Marauder WW2
Captain Action : Eagle Force : GI Joe : Dime Novel Legends
Boss Fight head on the Eagle Force body. These seem to work very well together. The Eagle Force head also works well on a Boss Fight body.
Can hold his gun fairly well

Toy Fair 2020 – 1:18 Scale Action Figure News Round-up

So, I did not go so I am left Arm-Chair reporting. I will group news about 1:18 and 1:18 compatible figure new by company and line with links back to the source.

Boss Fight Studio

ToyArk BossFight Studio (Facebook)

  1. Vitruvian HACKS
    1. Series 2
    2. Z-Wave
  2. Hero HACKS
    1. Zorro
    2. Tarzan
    3. Flash Gordon
    4. The Phantom
  3. Court of the Dead



  1. 5 Points
    1. Batman 66
    2. Addams Family
    3. Superman
    4. Space Ghost

Jazwares/Wicked Cool Toys


  1. Fortnite
    1. Prickly Patroller SQ
    2. Bigfoot SQ
    3. Scratch JP
    4. 8-ball JP
    5. Kevin JP
    6. Ultima Knight EGSK
    7. Sweaty Soccer male
    8. Hybrid Stage 2 with The Baller (RC)
    9. Copper Wasp with ATK
    10. Peely with Hoverboard
    11. Yonder with Drone
    12. Red Hood and Dire
    13. X-Lord VM
    14. Dark Love Ranger VM
    15. Golden Ice King, Eternal Voyager S1 Box set
  2. Halo

Super 7


  1. RUN DMC
  2. Notorious B.I.G.
  3. ol’ Dirty Bastard
  4. Slayer
  5. Venom
  6. Anthrax
  7. Megadeth
  8. Motorhead
  9. King Diamond
  10. Agnostic Front
  11. Rancid
  12. Iron Maiden
  13. Ghost
  14. Misfits
  15. Robocop
  16. They Live
  17. Teen Wolf
  18. Rocky
  19. Archie
  20. The Cabinet of Dr. Calicari
  21. Universal Monsters
  22. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  23. Transformers
  24. Spongebob
  25. TMNT
  26. Andre the Giant
  27. Back to the Future
  28. Aliens
  29. Knight Rider
  30. The Munsters
  31. Toxic Crusader
  32. Thundercats
  33. Chucky
  34. Halloween


  1. Star Wars
    1. Vintage Collection
      1. Slave 1
      2. GONK Droid
    2. Retro Collection
  2. Marvel Gamerverse
    1. Hulk/Abomination 2 pack
    2. Thor
    3. Captain America
    4. Ms. Marvel
    5. Taskmaster



  1. DC
    1. Single Pack Grodd
    2. Single Pack Black Manta
    3. Gold Wonder Woman
    4. Gun Metal Cyborg
    5. Metallic Shazam
    6. Armored Superman
    7. Braniac
    8. Reverse Flash
    9. Catwoman
    10. Talon
    11. New 52 Bronze Tiger
    12. Killer Moth
    13. Copperhead
    14. Thomas Wayne Batman
    15. John Stewart
    16. Gorilla Grodd
    17. Lex Luthor
    18. Hooded Robin
    19. Joker black suit
    20. Nightwing Red
    21. Wonder Woman
    22. Aquaman
    23. Black Manta
    24. Gold Superman



  • Predator
  • Robocop

Jinx – Go Figs

Imperial Shipyards

  1. Cyber Punk (5 PoA)
    1. Johnny Silverhand
    2. Dexter Deshawn
    3. Male V
    4. Trauma Team Security Specialist

Well Played Toys

  1. Lost in Space – Netflix


  1. Junkyard Robots

Playmate Toys

  1. TMNT
  2. Frozen 2?
  3. Power Players
    1. Wave 2 will have some cool looking Robots

Honorable Mentions

  • Hasbro Ghostbusters Demon Dog BAF
  • Hasbro Marvel Legends Gamerverse Abomination BAF (As a troll)
  • Hasbro Marvel Basics Gamerverse Hulk vs Abomination
  • Hasbro Marvel Legends Nimrod