Kharn : Final Faction by Dollar Tree

The Kharn are alien creatures that were discovered on the moon after an asteroid collided with it. The Kharn come in three different classes. The Brute class is know for their power and destruction. The Drone class are used for basic labor and combat. The Synthoid class is able to transform.

The Kharn were released in an exclusive line made for the Dollar Tree Stores in 2020. There were 3 figures and 2 accessory sets made for the first wave.

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118 action figure archive dollar tree final faction kharn synthoid review guide checklist
Kharn Brute
118 action figure archive dollar tree final faction kharn brute review guide
Kharn Drone
118 action figure archive dollar tree final faction kharn drone review guide checklist
Scale comparison with a Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian HACK blank
Additional accessory packs equiped

Cesare Borgia : Assassin’s Creed by Jazwares

Cesare Borgia is a real historical figure and was a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. He shows up in Assassin’s Creed games frequently as a villain to Ezio.

This figure was part of a two pack set in the line being produced by Jazwares but was eventually cancelled. This is the second time Cesare Borgia has been made into a 1:18 scaled action figure. I was able to obtain a rare pre-production piece to add to my collection.

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Comparison picture with Unimax Cesare Borgia.


Primate based 1:18 Action Figure Guide

This is a list of primate based action figures that are 1:18 scale of can fit in a 1:18 scale collections.

  • Animal Warriors of the Kingdom – Many
  • Journey to the West – Monkey King
  • Redakai – Silverbaxx
  • Dinofroz – Gorilla
  • Creep Show Monstarz – Fluffy from The Crate
  • DIY Beasts – Zombie Gorilla
  • Star Trek – Mugato
  • DC Infinite Heroes – Monsieur Mallah
  • DC Infinite Heroes – Gorilla Grodd
  • DC Heroes United – Gorilla Grodd
  • Animax – Grease Kicker
  • Stone Age Dinos – Grunter
  • Alter Nation – Albert VII
  • Planet of the Apes ReAction – Many
  • Planet of the Aped – Pericles
  • Ben 10 – Spider Monkey (various forms)
  • McFarlane Twisted Fairy Tales – Flying Monkeys
  • Space Quest – Astronaut Chimp
  • Star Wars – Bistan

Junkbots by Hexbug : Visual Checklist

Junkbots were released in 2020 by Hexbug as blind box figures that came in small (1 bot), medium (2 bots), or large (4 bots) garbage bin containers.

There are 36 characters in total so far.
They are available to purchase from Amazon or locally at Target. I also have some unboxed available from my E-Bay store.