Junkbots by Hexbug : Visual Checklist

Junkbots were released in 2020 by Hexbug as blind box figures that came in small (1 bot), medium (2 bots), or large (4 bots) garbage bin containers.

There are 36 characters in total so far.
They are available to purchase from Amazon or locally at Target. I also have some unboxed available from my E-Bay store.

Gold Rush : Droid of the Day – #96

Gold Rush is a Power Rangers villain.

This figure isn’t exactly 1:18 it comes in around 4.5-5 inches but robot sizes are kind of subjective and I liked the look of a walking talking slot machine.

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M.A.M.M.A. : Droid of the Day – #94

M.A.M.M.A. aka “Music and Mood Management Apparatus” was introduced in the late 70s to the Muppet Show. It’s supposed to have been a backup singer for Kermit in some singing number.

After seeing the figure and liking it a lot because it looks much like an Astromech. I ordered one off Ebay not knowing this size or scale. It is a little on the larger side than expected but not un-usable in a 1:18 collection. It comes in a 2 pack with Dr. Julius Strangepork. Which I have some custom plans for him.

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Carded image I found on Ebay.

8D8 : Droid of the Day – #93

Jabba the Hutt’s personal torture droid. He served under EV-9D9.

I got this figure when it was originally released way back in the late 1990s. I think at K-Mart if I recall correctly

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