Review : Bounty Hunter – Hardcore Coldplay by Joy Toy

Character summary:

I’m not sure if this character has a backstory to him or not since he is made by a Chinese company and most of the information about him is in Chinese, which I cannot read. He does however have a striking resemblance to one of the characters from “Borderlands” which is the main reason I purchased this particular figure.


The Bounty Hunter’s sculpt represents a human wearing pants pretty good. He does come with 3 heads and they are all really well sculpted.


The figure is mostly colored plastic with a bit of weathering to enhance the details and make it look a little more realistic. He does come with a very intricate tattoo on his left arm.


This little figure has tons of articulation.

  • Ball joint neck
  • Barbel lower neck
  • Double swivel pin shoulders
  • Double swivel pin elbows
  • Swivel pin wrists
  • Barbel upper torso
  • T-ball hips that connect to the torso and sits in the crotch
  • Swivel cut thighs
  • Double swivel double pin knees
  • Swivel “rocker” ankles
  • Hinged toes


The Bounty Hunter comes with 3 heads. One with no helmet, one with a baseball style hat and headset, and one that is a full helmet. He also comes with a set of removable armor and leg holsters.

Size and Scale:

The Bounty Hunter scales perfectly with modern day 1:18 scaled figures.

Final thoughts:

Joy Toy figures are pretty expensive and they focus mostly on modern military figures witch isn’t really my thing. I took a chance on this figure because he looked so much like the Borderlands character which I needed as part of my Fortnite crossover collection. I will probably paint his helmet a bit to match the Borderlands character a bit more and will leave him with his armor off.

I bought my figure from BigBadToyStore

Claptrap is a mini Vinyl figure made by The Coop. I got this one from Amazon for about $8