Siegmeyer : Dark Souls – Heroes of Lordran

” Mm! Oh-hoh! Forgive me. I was absorbed in thought. “

The Siegmeyer figure I found randomly looking from some Stardew Valley merchandise for my wife. I have always liked the look of this character and have seen a couple figures but they always seemed too large. This figure made by Fangamer. They seem to be a company the specializes in video game properties. Siegmeyer has zero articulation so I plan on using him as a background figure in my Kettonstone project. There are also 2 other figures in this series. I might get one more because I already have a Mega Merge version of the other knight.

You can buy this figure directly from the company’s website like I did, or from Ebay which looks like are direct from Chinese sellers.

On his stand (he is glued on so it did take a bit of work to get him off the pegs)
Size and scale
Promo in packaging
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