Cyclops : Socket Poppers by ERTL

The Cyclops is a single eyed purply-pink generic alien looking thing.

Socket Poppers was the brand name distributed by ERTL in the early 1990s. This line was also marked in Europe as Connectors by Matchbox and Giotochi Perez in Italy. The basic concept was that all the figures could mix-n-match arms legs and heads. They can be found on Ebay listed under Socket Poppers or Connectors

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Sculpt :

The cyclops has a fantastic sculpt and looks very alien-like. The head is killer good though. One big O’le eye in the middle, individual teeth and fangs, ears similar to a swamp creature, and I really like the derpy expression it is giving off with its tongue hanging out.


His paint applications are pretty good. The base of the figure is a light colored purple plastic with a light dry brush of darker purple on the torso, dark purple splotches on the arms and face, and a fading dark purple up the feet and legs.

Articulation and construction:

It has 5 Areas of articulation and the body is made of a very hard and durable plastic and the arms, legs, and head are a softer plastic so that they can all be removed and switched around.

  • Swivel neck
  • Swivel shoulders
  • Swivel hips


Size and scale:

The Cyclops is shorter than a Boss Fight Studio VHACK Blank . He can fit in pretty much any 3 3/4″-4″ alien based establishment.

Final thoughts:

I love this figure. The whole figure is just bizarre and a little derpy.