Morn : Star Trek Deep Space Nine by Playmates Toys

Morn is a Lurian cargo pilot that is a regular customer of Quarks on Star Trek’s Deep Space Nine.

Morn’s Deep Space Nine action figure was released in 1993 by Playmate’s Toys. This figure is still pretty cheap on Ebay.

As far as categorizing this figure and line in The Archive I will enter them under the Alien Supplemental line which has a bunch of different aliens from all types of properties.

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Sculpt :

Morn has a decent sculpt and looks like a big alien wearing clothes appropriate for a space port. The details are pretty soft. The head is pretty good though and I really like the expression he is giving off.


His paint applications are pretty basic. Almost all of the figure is colored plastic and the only paint used on the body is some minor details on the jacket and gloves.

Articulation and construction:

He sports 7 Areas of articulation and made of a very hard and durable plastic. Probably why it has lasted 30+ years.

  • Swivel neck
  • Swivel shoulders
  • Single hinge elbows
  • Swivel V-hips
  • Single hinge knees

Morn comes with a bunch of random orange pieces that kind of look like weird rune stones.

Size and scale:

Morn is much taller than a Boss Fight Studio VHACK Blank but not too bulky. He can fit in pretty much any 3 3/4″-4″ alien based establishment.

Final thoughts:

It’s an okay figure. Won’t be used much other than a random alien in the background.