Tetrap – Dr. Who by Dapol

Tetraps are a species of mamaloids that exist in the Dr. Who Universe. They first appeared during the 7th Doctor’s run. Didn’t look anymore into them than that because they are just awesome looking bat-like aliens. No more info needed.

The Tetrap figure was released in the first wave of figures in 1988-1989. I got my figure in 2020 from Ebay. If you are interested in getting one yourself, the Tetrap and other Dapol Dr. Who figures can be found using this Ebay link.

As far as categorizing this figure and line in The Archive I will enter them under the Alien Supplemental line which has a bunch of different aliens from all types of properties.

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Sculpt :

The Tetrap has sculpted fur on its whole body. The details are pretty soft though. The head sculpt on it is really good though and really captures the coolness of the character.


His paint applications are pretty basic. The dark brown parts are all colored plastic and the hands and belly are painted a lighter brown. The head again is the best part of the paint and really highlight the uniqueness of the figure.

Back – He’s looking at you…
Articulation and construction:

He sports 7 Areas of articulation and made of a very hard and durable plastic. Probably why it has lasted 30+ years.

  • Swivel neck
  • Swivel peg and hinge shoulders
  • Single hinge elbows
  • Swivel T-hips
  • Single hinge knees

This figure is around 30 years old now and I got it second hand off Ebay so I did not get any accessories with mine.

Size and scale:

The Tetrap is just a smidge shorter than a Boss Fight Studio VHACK Blank. He can fit in pretty much any 3 3/4″-4″ alien based establishment.

Final thoughts:

It’s a 4 eyed bat alien. Yeah, Its awesome no matter how old it is.